How to Play Golf for Beginner

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Simple Golf Swing
By Leonard Forbes
A lot of people nowadays are showing interest in playing golf. Some are hesitant for the reason that they think that this is a complicated sports to play and to master. What they do not know are the simple golf swing that will make them enjoy the game and keep playing it. It is a very frustrating feeling that after too many attempts, you cannot execute a perfect golf swing. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a perfect swing.
It is just a matter of doing the basic stuff repeatedly. Any experienced golfer will tell you that you should not skip any step of learning golf. Just because you watched people from all over the world play this game, you can do the same thing at once. A swing is composed of four parts and it starts with the grip - the way that you hold the golf club.
There are different types of grip on the golf club. You do not have to learn all types of grip before you begin can play the game. If you know how to hold a baseball bat, then you are all set. Baseball grip is the most recommended grip especially for beginners. It is the same way that you hold the bat for baseball.
Stance is the next thing that you have to take into to consideration after you have learned how to grip the golf club. The correct stance will ensure that your swing can be executed in the smoothest manner possible. This is highly important because your posture is a critical factor in a simple golf swing that has a great bearing in creating a solid contact to the target ball.
A good stance is done by bending down your body from your hips together with your knees. But do not bend your knees low as if you are in a praying position. A slight bend is good enough to make a good stance. Relax your arms as you let it hangs down.
Prepare for the back swing if you think that your stance is at its best. When doing the back swing, imagine that you are turning your back against the golf ball. Make that body twist together with your arms and club as you move them away from the ball. When you think that you reach the highest peak of your back swing, try to visualize the target ball as if you have the club pointing directly into that ball.
Downswing comes after you have reached the top of the back swing. To make it simple, this is executed by just mere doing a reverse action of the backswing. All you have to do is let the gravitational pull bring down the club as it hits the golf ball. Body weight shift is very critical during this point in time as it turns from your right leg to your left leg.
Hitting the ball is not the end of the simple golf swing. A smooth follow through makes any golfer have the feel of delight as the ball goes up in the air, reach a beautiful trajectory position, touch the grass and rolls right through the hole.
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Hopefully this article gives you a headstart on playing golf. thanks for reading!

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